LxWxH Edition (xOpen Spaces with Ollie Glatzer and Alex Filson

LxWxH is a quarterly issued curated box of art with two original pieces of work by two artists, and an essay or literary project by a featured writer; or it's an individual piece of work by an artist paired with a writer. This project was founded by Seattle artist and curator Sharon Arnold, which came out of the idea that art should be sustainable, and accessible. By collaborating with regionally local artists and writers, LxWxH provides an avenue to bring people together and collect art in an affordable and approachable way.




About Strangers

by Alex David Filson

You said 

my search for you

was a glance down 

an alley crowded

with everyone I had ever wanted.


That never stopped me

from looking for you

in those parts of the city

that always seemed to sneak up on me.


When I found you,

I found the back of your hand

brushing my skin as soft censure,

And your arms

a kerchief for my neck,

Keeping the lovers at bay.


Long walks ferried 

our whistle bit skins 

to places we could lay and listen to sodium lamp lullabies 

and distant cars and trucks

passing in and out of being.


Having had been 

open to the universe for quite long enough,

we decided to ignore 

all the dinner bells 

and settle instead

for dopamine,

serotonin and friction.


When I recognized

early on

that our great open spaces

were just bliss

I set right out

with the building.


And when you said

you wanted out

I tried to build you a door

through which

we both could fit.