Solo Exhibition in Vancouver, B.C. - Homebody

I am pleased to announce a solo exhibition, Homebody at The Gam Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia as part of SWARM.



 "Homebody features the Polaroid photographs of Seattle-based artist Serrah Russell and guest-curated by Alison Sinkewicz. In this exhibition the photograph, specifically the instant photograph, is utilized not as a documentary tool but rather as a medium that expresses the bilateral familiarity/transformation of our imaginary/real landscapes of home. Home as a concept is created by a compilation of personal and collective memories that merge and overlap. The intangible and oblique aspects of memory and our recollections of home are suggested in Russell’s photographs. What emerges is a confusion of the present, the remembered and the imagined, evoking the very process of memory-making and our physical presence in the home.

Homebody documents the diasporic nature of memory and the evasive locality of the home. Work drawn from three of Russell’s series, Geographics, Windows and Equivalents invite the viewer to revisit the process of memory making and the role of the self in the imaging of the domestic landscape. The home becomes a terrain where time and place lose their locality. Identity and the body located within these produced spaces become part of this fractured landscape of memory, where the body is also a snapshot, existing in relation to our constructed domesticity."


The exhibition runs from September 13th, 2013 - October 6th, 2013 at The Gam Gallery.