Day 44: 1/16/17. There's blood in the water but the world could change its heart.

I recently completed my 100 Days of Collage series. You can view it in its entirety, along with my statement and thoughts from curator Jon Feinstein, here on Humble Arts Foundation. I'm honored to be featured and to share with you the experience of the work as a whole. 

I'm now planning on turning this series into a large-format coffee table book and am beginning to raise funding to produce that in late 2017. To raise money, I'll be doing a series of flash sales of archived collages, each one available for one day only, at a highly discounted price of $150 each. A new work will be available daily in my shop and will be announced through Facebook and Instagram. But if you don't follow me on those platforms or if would like to be notified in your inbox daily, please sign up for the sales mailing list below. 

You will receive early access with a notification of the collage available for that day, along with a link to the shop to purchase.

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