FUNDRAISING for tears // tears publication


WHY you should help

Art publications are pricey, but they give artists a huge bump of recognition, visibility and reach. The physicality of publications also allows for a new understanding of the work by both artist and reader.

Your purchase will help fund this publication to become a reality and you’ll also get some original art in your home at a great deal!

As Yoffy Press says “To hold a book of art in your hands - a truly beautiful, thoughtful art object - is visceral. A photograph is a story. A collection of photographs is an adventure.

Let's go on a beautiful adventure together.”

Help me to make this publication a reality by purchasing a work of art to support my fundraising goal of $15,000.

Currently Raised: 70% ($11,182)


To fundraise for this publication, I’m offering HUGE discounts on recent and past works of original, one-of-a-kind collages. All collages are created using torn and cut magazine images and are mounted on 14”x17” archival white paper.


The WILDCARD ($Any Amount$)

Send any amount as a donation to Venmo (@serrah) or Cash App ($serrah) and then email ( or DM me with your address and I will select something from my studio to send your way. OR if you are local and donating $100, you can come by the studio and pick one out in person.

*If you'd like to pay by check, email me and I’ll get you my mailing address.


tears // tears is an upcoming publication of recent collages by artist Serrah Russell published by Yoffy Press.

In tears // tears, Serrah Russell uses collage as a ritual, a meditation, and an act of protest. Using art as the ground floor, Russell creates a foundation to process her surroundings and experiences, a process which began during a political turn that rattled her and became a life raft to sanity. To tear and to be torn. To mourn and to act. To listen and to be heard.

tears // tears is an extension of Russell's 100 Days of Collage project, which was developed as a response to the first days of the Trump presidency.


Published by Yoffy Press

Hardcover, 6 x 8 inches
128 pages / 55 images
Edition of 500

Available Spring 2019