A New Nothing, 2015
In collaboration with Maggie Carson Romano

Within 'A New Nothing' artists Maggie Carson Romano and Serrah Russell continue to build upon their history of collaboration as they use solitary photos, sporadically posted, as an act of conversing across time and place. 

Often acting as artistic collaborators, Russell and Romano have never lived in the same physical location but rely upon the internet to speak into each other's work. One after another, images duet; confiding, questioning, unearthing. Each one pushing the conversation forward to a new place, continuing the story. Unfolding in beautifully historic synchronicity - the past and present have never felt more connected as lives and visions, landscapes and memories overlap. 


VIEW the full visual conversation at A New Nothing

A New Nothing is an online photo series featuring two-person, image-based conversations. The project was created by Ben Alper and Nat Ward.