Future Potential of Dreams / April 27 - May 9th

Tuesday - Saturday, 11 - 5

4011 W. 6th St

Los Angeles, CA 90020


Something is always far away. 

Something is always far away. 

We are three women, raised in Seattle, using art as a means of investigating our experience in the surrounding landscape, both wild and temperate, city and sanctuary. Adding external senses to the photographic image, including language, scent, and taste, we harness the potential of the image to capture and contain the memories of the past, present and future. We manipulate, collage, contrast, and dissect and we make these images our own. 

'Future Potential of Dreams' features new photographic work by artists Megumi Shauna Arai, Yael Nov and Serrah Russell who transform and manipulate the physicality of the image as a way to investigate its power and potential in manipulating memory. Their work brings the viewer into a space where both dreams and facts emerge.

In making these works I dive into the personal and the universal. My source material was gleaned from my family’s collection of slides from before I was born in 1986 and a collection of National Geographic magazines from a time too long ago for me to remember. Both of these set of images have shaped me. I was born into a world of images, and without my knowing, they have given eyes to my way of seeing and have shaped my upbringing. I crop and re-photograph these images, turning them into Polaroids, scanning and digitizing them, enlarging, mirroring, and reversing them. As I spend time with these images, cleaning them, transforming and recontextualizing them, the work becomes a form of meditation, as I make them my own. These images are mine, not fully, but more mine than they were before. But they are also yours. The images that fill our past transform us in our present and soon become our future, if we let them.