A-Mothering, 2017

A commissioned series of works for Lollipop Magazine exploring a variety of experiences of having or not having children.

To create these works I engaged in conversations with women, some who are mothers and some not, some by choice and others by situation. Not a mother myself, I listened to podcasts, read essays, and heard stories in person and anonymously sent from women regarding mothering and their own journey to it or through it. These stories and emotions informed the work greatly and acted as a personal research subject as I would soon enter into my own inner conversation on mothering, deciding later that year to seek to become a mother. After becoming pregnant and then experiencing a miscarriage, these works had acted as a preparation and a way of empathy for the emotions that lay ahead.

These works have not yet been exhibited publicly and are available for exhibition.

Please reach out if you are interested in including them in a group or solo show.