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                                                                                     © Maggie Carson Romano


SERRAH RUSSELL was born in 1986 and has lived in Washington state for as long as she can remember. She holds a BFA in Photography from the University of Washington and currently makes her work and her home in Seattle. 

Her practice is a constant exploration of the photographic image and its ability to evoke memory, emotion and association. Using instant film, digital photography, and pre-existing photographic material, Russell creates works of collage, sculpture and video that alter the original intention of the source material by shifting focus away from the intended subject and onto the portions of the image that drift into the periphery. In her work, Russell harnesses the malleability of the photographic image to investigate the relationship between subject and surrounding and the human emotions that are visualized within one's physical environment. In her work Russell seeks to encourage empathy, to evoke the feeling of being in the right place at the right time, to recall the déjà vu of a dream.

Russell's work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the Northwest, including at Glass Box, Two Shelves, SOIL, Photo Center Northwest the Alice, the Hedreen, Frye Art Museum, Lawrimore Project and has also exhibited in Vancouver, British Columbia; Melbourne, Australia; London, England; Athens, Greece, and New York, NY.


serrah (at) serrahrussell.com


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