This Is the Way, Arts West, August - September 2014

This Is the Way brings together work by Seattle artists Serrah Russell, Flynn Bickley and Joana Stillwell.

Serrah Russell’s collages capture moments in time in the abstract parallel world where ocean might be taped to sky or hands might hold the longing of an airplane window. Her use of the medium of collage is fluent and expansive, and includes cut and pasted found imagery, instant film and digital photography. Reckoning absence as much as the tangible world, she seamlessly extends collage into three-dimensional sculptural space, time, and memory.


"What prompted the inclusion of these three artists in this exhibition was a sentiment that all three expressed in their artist statements of their work being simply, and non-judgmentally, a recording of what they encounter in themselves and in their worlds. The title comes from the song This Is the Way by Devendra Banhart, which goes: 

This is the way
I share my breakfast
This is the way
I serve my sentence
This is the way
I’m always leaving
This is the soft
Voice of the evening
This is the way
I hear my father
These are the flames
That drown the water"

Susanna Bluhm, Gallery Director