Watching for Transport, Cafe Racer, November 2010

A series of photographic works made by rephotographing popular movies and television shows played by VCR on a small television. The scenes act within the original film as connecting parts, trailing a story line together - now these frozen images are seen alone and apart from their intended context, losing relevance as they are transported to our current space and time. 

We watched; our bodies still and sunken into that worn couch, eyes fixed forward, faces aglow with the light cast from the box before us. We were there, but we were somewhere else altogether. The somewhere else was what mattered, for in that grainy screen, boxed with rounded off corners, a new world was waiting; waiting for exploration of its ripe landscape.


I watch movies looking for something, for that perfect phrase, for the way the light casts upon the characters face, for an explanation to make sense of what I am doing here in the time where I am not busy being transported by films. As these pictures move, one after another, the stories, the places, and the people -- they get inside me, or maybe I get inside them. Within I seek the familiar, yearning for relation, normalcy and something I can return with, as if the film is another planet where I am sent to scavenge for maps, magic crystals and clues to a better way of living on my own cosmic spinning rock.  And as I document these moments, during my transports, I am immersed, as in a dream, though aware that these times will end. These scenes within the experience of the story are simply connecting parts, trailing a story line together, holding our interest, guiding the viewer to the next place, the next destination. But when the journey is over, when these frozen images are seen alone, apart and further juxtaposed with our tangible existence, they are no longer links to pass by. They are milestones and landmarks, souvenirs to remind us of what transpired on our journey.


Our place of origin has begun to disintegrate as it loses importance. For though we are present in our current space and situation, we have been transported.