When We Are, When Are We? 2015 - present (ongoing series)

I use Polaroid film on a Polaroid Day Lab, to re-photograph portions of images within National Geographic magazines. The work is a pursuit of shared humanity and common experience through simply existing as a human on earth, no matter the time or place. The images are strongly cropped, removing much of the identifying details and leaving remnants of the past seen in slight gestures and surrounding abstracted landscape. When before we could only see other, perhaps now we can see ourselves. 

All works are a rephotographing of cropped selections of images found in vintage National Geographics using Instant Film (Fuji FP-100C)

This work was first exhibited at Out of Sight, King Street Station, 2015 in a survey of contemporary art in the Pacific Northwest curated by Kirsten Anderson, Sharon Arnold, Greg Lundgren and Sierra Stinson.